Did you know you have access to two highly skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeons right here in Winona?

Whether the services you need are medically necessary, such as surgery after a hand injury, or something you simply would like to change about your appearance, such as loose skin or an oddly shaped nose, Winona Health surgeons, Steven Evelhoch, MD, DDS, FACS and Hans Serleth, MD, can help.

“I love being able to provide an array of treatments and procedures that people choose to have done to improve how they look and feel about themselves. This, coupled with the staff’s emphasis on safe, high-quality surgical care, were the reasons I chose to practice at Winona Health,” says Dr. Evelhoch.

“I chose this field because I like the fact that surgery often leads to immediate results,” says Dr. Serleth. “I enjoy seeing patients who are thrilled with the outcome of their surgery.”

Dr. Evelhoch and Dr. Serleth use the latest technology to show you the outcome you can expect from various treatment options.