Winona Health’s cancer team is with you – every step of the way.

Serleth and patient“He is amazing. He is so skilled, and he explains everything so well,” says Kelly Wind of Winona. Kelly is talking about Hans Serleth, MD, a plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon at Winona Health.

A routine mammogram led to the discovery of Kelly’s breast cancer. After discussing the findings with diagnostic radiologist, Justin Albanese, MD, Kelly met cancer care coordinator Sandy Gruszynski, RN, internist Richard Ferris, MD, general surgeon Matthew Broghammer, DO, and Dr. Serleth.

“Finding out that I had breast cancer was, of course, scary. And there were so many other things going on in my life. But the team explained my options and answered all my questions and I could feel their genuine care and compassion,” says Kelly. “That feeling grew throughout my experience. I knew I was in good hands.”

After weighing her options, Kelly chose bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

“I’m not shy about anything,” says Kelly. “I asked a lot of questions about the reconstruction process and the potential outcome. Dr. Serleth explained everything so well. There is so much I didn’t even know could be done.”

According to Dr. Serleth, communication is key. “I don’t make any assumptions about what someone wants. I ask a lot of questions and then really listen. And I encourage them to ask a lot of questions. It’s important to me that they have a voice in their care and then know what to expect.”

To those who think you have to go to a big organization for cancer treatment* and breast reconstruction, Kelly would say, “I received the same treatment that I would have received at a large healthcare organization, but I didn’t want big. I wanted personal. At Winona Health, I stayed with the same team of experts through it all. They understood what I was going through, and I could feel how much everyone cared.”

If you have questions about plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, call 507.457.7659.

Most mammograms lead to nothing but peace of mind, but some may lead to detection of breast cancer. Early detection may be a life saver. To schedule your mammogram, call 507.457.4320.